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100% success rate for national licensing and Joint Commission accreditation.

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Accredidation & Licensing

National Accreditation (Joint Commission) 

Legacy Consulting Agency ensures that obtaining Joint Commission Accreditation for your organization is seamless.  Our consultants will review and submit all documents and applications required for Joint Commission. Our team will work with your staff to develop a policy and procedure manual that reflects the integrity of your organization. Prior to your organization’s audit date, Legacy Consulting Agency conducts a full mock survey to include client charts, operations and human resource  per Joint Commission licensing standards.  This comprehensive service includes our presence at your survey. 

State Licensing 

Our consultants have over 20 years of experience in Federal and State Regulatory governance. Behavioral Healthcare providers are required to have a state license to begin providing substance abuse services. Legacy Consulting Agency will submit all applications and supporting documents to ensure that a probationary license is issued timely. We will provide support in choosing an electronic medical record system, conducting a full mock survey prior to your site inspection and be present at the audit to guide the process. 

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Audit Preparation and Presence at Audit

Legacy Consulting’s audit preparation package includes: a quality control review of clinical charts, personnel charts, full facility walk-through, assessment forms, quality assurance binder review and policy and procedure updates. At the end of the pre-audit, a detailed report of all findings and recommendations will be provided. 

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Policies & Procedures

In order to obtain and maintain licensure or accreditation, each organization is required to have a policy and procedure manual that has:


1. Policies written to meet state guidelines.


2. Medical Director approved Protocols.


3. A personalized Hazard Vulnerability Disaster Plan.  


Our individualized policy and procedures manuals are crafted based on the needs and levels of care that you intend to provide. Each manual is designed to meet the requirements for both state and national compliance standards.


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Continuous Quality Assurance Compliance
 Obtaining a state license is only one step in strengthening patient safety efforts. We are dedicated to ensuring your facility remains in compliance even after your licenses and accreditation has been obtained. This monthly survey of your facility is based on accrediting standards to include:
1. Continuous auditing of new client charts and human resource records,    2. Overseeing performance improvement initiatives,
3. Policy and procedure updates,
4. Employee manual revisions,
5. Client handbook maintenance,
6. Quarterly simulated disaster and fire drill logs,
7. Monitoring client grievances and incidents, and
8. Routine facility walkthroughs followed by a descriptive list of all findings that were non-compliant.
We also review policy and procedures monthly to ensure that your policies remain updated with any change in legislature and changes in practice within your facility.  Monthly walkthroughs are followed by a detailed report of any hazardous or noncompliant items noticed throughout the facility, for example, any postings that may be missing or any expired postings
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Clinical Programming

We consider Clinical Programming the heart and soul of client care. With expertise in every level of care including Residential and Inpatient Detoxification , Legacy Consulting retains hands-on, clinical experience essential to support start up, revive, or simply uphold your clinical programs. This includes examining the Clinical schedule, Clinical Notes, Staff credentials, trainings, Job descriptions, Group curriculums, interviewing and evaluating Clinical performance.

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Program Development

Our consultants will evaluate current programming and implement specialized offerings to build census and reputation. 

Research shows that Medication Management combined with therapy leads to better sobriety outcome measures. Our consultants will work with your medical team to create a program that employs varied evidence-based treatment modalities. This qualified,  multidisciplinary team backed by specialized programming creates a strong foundation of care that retain clients.


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Opening New Facilities

Since the COVID-19 pandemic we have seen an immense upsurge in Mental Health and Substance Abuse issues in the U.S. It is now more vital than ever, to have an integrative program that can rapidly pivot around individual needs.

We work with each client on an individual basis and provide unique solutions to problems they may encounter in their particular geographic region.

Our focus is to:

  1. Deliver advanced solutions, utilizing evidence-based and promising practices that ensure high-quality clinical care for treating and managing addiction as a chronic disease.
  1. Develop and implement a financially sustainable business model with care coordination and assimilation of services.
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Adding Levels of Care

Legacy Consulting Agency is an expert in expanding treatment offerings to include additional  Residential or Detoxification bed .  We extend Outpatient services to provide clients a support system as they transition and gain coping skills. 

Our consultants will provide guidance through the application and survey process to meet State and national requirements.

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Staff & Required Trainings

We offer training programs aimed at mitigating risks to build a trusted Substance Use Disorder Treatment Center. Whether you are looking to fill a single position or staff an entire agency,  our knowledgeable professionals will help you make the right hire(s).  We create detailed job postings, review resumes, identify the most qualified applicants, conduct interviews and recommend candidates for hire.

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Business Development

Legacy Consulting Agency specialize in professional investable business plans. Business plans are required for bank loans, investors, grants, venture capitalists, and even leasing office spaces. We have composed and aided our clients to obtain funding for numerous businesses.

Our team has designed and worked with many startup organizations. We recognize common mistakes that may affect your startup or expansion. We identify problems and issues with your organization before you speak with investors, helping you be as prepared as possible, enhancing your chances at receiving funding.

Allow our experience to guide you. We refine your business model, identify your most rewarding customers, fine-tune your marketing plan, and increase your sales projections. We provide an impartial view, so your final business plan makes a statement that ventures confidence that will attract investors.

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