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Alexandra Cadet, B.S.


Ms. Cadet began her Substance Abuse journey over 9 years ago as a Behavioral Health Technician where she gained firsthand experience in Recovery Residences. She later worked at the Department of Children and Families’ Substance Abuse and Mental Health Program as a Licensing and Quality Assurance Specialist with over 500 Providers. This process involved analyzing applications for accuracy; preparing submission for PLADS, Requesting and reviewing local and FDLE background checks in order to determine eligibility for licensure prior to conducting a licensure site inspection. 

Since parting ways with the Substance Abuse and Mental program, Ms. Cadet has become Co-Owner of Legacy Consulting Agency which specializes in regulatory compliance, national accreditation, licensure, quality assurance and developing policies and procedures. She has experience with navigating licensing for the Department of Children and Families, Joint Commission, Florida Association of Recovery Residences and Agency for Health Care Administration.

As a consultant, Ms. Cadet prides herself on being precise. She understands that in the substance abuse field there is very little room for error. “Precision is, after all, not only a form of responsibility and a kind of pleasure, but an instrument of compassion. To be precise requires care, time, and attention to the person, place, or process being described.”- Marilyn Chandler McEntyre. Ms. Cadet is furthering her dedication to the field by pursing a master’s degree in Mental Health and Counseling with an anticipated completion date of May 2020. 

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Shanese Hogg, MPH, MHSA


Shanese Hogg specializes in legal and regulatory governance, public outreach and complaint resolution.  With over 10 years in the private and public sector, Shanese has a keen sense of structural differences that make some organizations flounder while others flourish.

Ms. Hogg graduated from Barry University with Dual Masters in Health Service Administration and Public Health which she uses by implementing systems that work. Her professional experience in Substance Abuse began at the Department of Children and Families as a Licensing and Quality Assurance Specialist providing licensure for the State of Florida Southeast Region.  Ms. Hogg is trained in 65D-30 Administrative Code and actively investigated Chapter 491 complaints, reported findings, and monitored corrective action plans while working for the Department.

Since then, Ms. Hogg became Co-Owner of Legacy Consulting Agency. She has worked with numerous leadership teams on compliance for Treatment Centers across the US. As a Consultant, she brings her expertise to Substance Abuse and Mental Health Facilities in: Federal and State Regulatory Compliance including (HIPAA, CFR 42 Part 2, etc.), State Licensing, Joint Commission, Clinical and Administrative Training and Implementation and frequent Quality Control Initiatives. Legacy Consulting Agency believes in “Quality results with experience you can trust” and Ms. Hogg is furthering that mission by promoting patient centered care while following State and Nationwide regulations

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Rachel Needle

Consultant, Licensed Psychologist

Dr. Rachel Needle is a Licensed Psychologist and has been consulting for Substance Use Disorder treatment centers around the country for over 12 years. She has helped facilities open, grow, and thrive. Dr. Needle supports centers in providing excellent client care, being more efficient and increasing revenue all while ensuring they are putting the clients first and doing things ethically.

Whole Health Psychological Center, Executive Director & Licensed Psychologist
Advanced Mental Health Training Institute, CEO
Modern Sex Therapy Institutes, Co-Director
Nova Southeastern University, Adjunct Professor
Seacrest Recovery Center, Clinical Director

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